Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Anti Product Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

After two outstanding 7", they finally got their shit together to record this awesome piece of vinyl. 8 songs of powerful, raging Anarcho-Punk with Emo-HC influences & female / male vocals - the galloping basic Punk-Rock aspect in their music is gone. The production is heavy & way better than their previous efforts.



Does This Really Need A Description??


V/A `In Defence Of Our Future, A Tribute To Discharge´ LP/CD
Distortion Records and Your Own Jailer Records | 2001
Recorded at Studio Punkpalace

We contribute with the song Doomsday.

The other bands on the compilation is: Uncurbed, Acursed, Totalitär, Epäjärjestys, Avskum, Driller Killer, Nasum, Diskonto, E.N.S., Perukers, Disjah, Håll Keft, Meanwhile, Genocide SS, Victims, Disfear, D.D.A., Snifter, Greed, Motorbreath, Dysdunctional & Disfucked.


Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys - Shut Up And Drink

London punk with a classic sound of early 80's Riot City bands (Chaos UK, etc.). Twelve pogo-along punk tunes, with angry, political lyrics, and two versions of their anthem "Beer"!!!